The Peddler Cart

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I’m an artist. I love crafting, baking, writing and creating. Making something out of nothing is my jam. It’s also the reason I keep and collect things for I’ll-get-to-it-later projects, why I gather bits and bobs for my photography feeds, why I have more stacks of muffin tins than I can fit in the oven all at one time.

Here at the top five odd, weird and fun things I collect:


I’ve always collected boxes. I couldn’t tell you how it started, only in that I’ve been doing it since I was very little. I have tons of cute boxes for jewelry, hairpins, nothings, and somethings. Most of them I don’t even use, I just like to have them.


Gourmet Chocolate

It’s too fancy to eat! It’s not like a snack I can just pop at any time. It needs the right moment to be properly enjoyed and appreciated. Which I haven’t yet found. I have a corner of the closet filled with chocolate bars from around the world.

giphy (1)

Foreign Currency

And also euros, lira, yen… Who even knows? I brought a bunch of coins home from my trip abroad but the rest of it just sort of appeared overnight. Maybe there are currency faeries following me around.

giphy (2)


So bad. I don’t ever use them. I have very specific needs for my specific journals, but I still collect all the pretty, shiny, big, small and unique ones anyway because I love having them. It’s almost more decoration than anything else.

giphy (3)


Okay, now that I’m living somewhere new and exciting, I’m actually sending out postcards. And Nashville has some great postcards. There’s just something fun about the idea of a friend seeing my city and knowing I’ve written them. Still, I have dozens of postcards from the around the world that I’ve never sent and never plan to send. They’re mine forever.

giphy (4)

It’s silly and fanciful, but these little odds and ends give me joy. I love collecting. I’m a shoe collector, book collector, Beanie Baby collector. After this big move though, when we fit our entire lives into 100 square feet, I’ve come to understand that collecting is just fine, as long as you keep sight of the things that really matter.
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2 thoughts on “The Peddler Cart

  1. I remember reading a Harlequin romance from several decades ago in which the heroine’s pseudo-mentor collected pretty boxes. She’d buy two of each, one to keep and one to give as a gift.


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