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At the Triple Diamond, good things come in threes…

Madison Hollis never expected to find anything at the Triple Diamond Ranch in Montana, a surprise inheritance left to her by an uncle she’s never met. With her workaholic tendencies as an event-planning manager for the Silicon Valley tech titans, a job that pushed her straining engagement to the breaking point, she doesn’t have time for soul-searching.

But, out in the Montana sun before putting the ranch up for sale, Madison finds herself coming face to face with her family’s long-lost history– or she would, if she didn’t keep getting distracted by Triple Diamond’s sexy and oh-so-tempting ranch managers. Christian Harlow and Ryder Dean are best friends and total opposites, rebel country and pretty boy cowboy, and both hot as hell.

Intent on proving her ex wrong, Madison gives herself permission to dive into an affair, surrendering to her desire for both of them. As she gets to know both Ryder and Christian, and grows all too familiar with the feeling of them on her skin, Madison wonders if it will be as easy as she hoped to go home and leave them behind. But when an ugly secret comes to light, it might just send her running, if something, or someones, can’t convince her to stay. 


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