Seduction en Pointe

When successful TV star of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Nicco Castillo, finds his boyfriend in bed with another man, he goes full-on Hollywood trainwreck that lands him in ER. Next thing he knows, the producers are shipping him off to Paris to shape up and learn to dance for the next season’s story arc.

But his incredibly tempting Parisian ballet instructor, Isabelle La Croix, makes that all too difficult, especially when he learns about her decadent desires–desires Nicco is all too pleased to indulge in. Against the ballet barre, the balcon railing, and wherever and for however long Isabelle is willing to have him.

An erotic contemporary novel from Loose Id.

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Good Little Teacher

perf5.000x8.000.inddNew teacher Emmy Lange is adjusting to life at the Redding Boarding School. She can’t shake the giddy feeling that the handsome headmaster, Marcus Powers, is attracted to her. Underneath his stern and commanding demeanor is a spark that beckons to her.

When he asks her to his office to review her progress, she can’t help but wonder if the intimate setting could lead to some sinful discipline, especially when he takes her to task for her improper usage of his title. His deep voice makes her shiver, and Emmy might find it all too easy to enjoy a “hands-on” lesson on how to properly address the handsome headmaster.

An erotic contemporary short from The Wild Rose Press

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A Winter Want

A Winter Want_300X454For as long as Nina Kingston has known Elijah Heyward, they’ve competed across the boardroom table. He may be sexy as sin, but she won’t let get in the way of her successful career.

When works sends them together to a client’s location, she knows it’s going to be a long weekend with her irritating yet attractive coworker. To make matters worse, a storm knocks out the electricity and plunges the small cabin into a den of glowing firelight and palpable lust. Will Nina’s self-control last the night, or will she finally give into Elijah and her own desperate desires?

An erotic contemporary short, from Cobblestone Press

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Captain’s Quarters

Captains Quarters-125x190

Six years ago, Alexander Wellesley, Duke of Fife, rescued stowaway Lady Mary Clementina Phillipa, as she fled upon a ship bound for the Americas. Their easy friendship changed, however, when she slipped into his chambers and asked him to make her a woman. Alexander agrees, but he will only satisfy her desire on the day when she can best him at chess.

Six years have passed, years in which she has become Marianna DuPonte, the reigning pirate queen of the sea. Now she has returned to salvage her pride.

An erotic historical short, from Cobblestone Press 

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