It’s only been one week since the night of the gala—the night Harlowe and Cas finally submitted to the fire long-simmering between them…and their friends. Unsure of how to behave after a wild night of passion and an after-party no one would forget, Harlowe took off, heading halfway across the world to work out her all-too-complicated feelings.

But now she’s back in the star-lit hills of Hollywood and the glamor, luxury, and decadence that pulled her in once before is difficult to resist. Especially since Cas is doing everything in his power to seduce her—and he’s not the only one. It may be Harlowe’s birthday, but a night under the stars, a surrender to the ultimate temptation, and an exploration of indulgence and intimacy means she’s not the only one celebrating. The only question is, will she run again come morning, or has she finally found someone—or someones—worth staying for?

Content Warning: Themes of partying and drinking, sexual themes and practices, explicit language, group sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, toys, double penetration, anal penetration, light submission and domination, outdoor sex.