An MFRW Authors Post

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The hardest part of being a writer. There are a lot of answers to this question, especially depending on where in the writing process you are, but the truth is that my challenges as a writer usually come back to one thing – procrastination. I’ve used the line ‘but I work better under pressure’ more times than I’ve worked under pressure. Guilty of plucking my eyebrows, cleaning my closet and reading feminist think pieces, if I put half as much time into work as I did finding ways out of it, I’d actually be getting somewhere.

All that being said, here are a few of my favorite ways to muck off, when I should be writing.

Eating chocolate-covered espresso beans.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, they’re delicious and full of fun kinds of energy that I can use for not-writing! 

Listening to dirty audiobooks. 

giphy (1)

My face listening to dirty scenes in public places. 

Watching Criminal Minds. 

giphy (2)

I legitimately tried to write this one off as research for a while but even I wasn’t buying it. 

Looking at pictures of the cast of BBC’s Musketeers. 

Two gifs because TRY AND ARGUE WITH ME, I DARE YOU. 

Reading Harry Potter FanFiction. 

giphy (5)

FanFic made me the smut writer I am today! (Side note: Supernatural + Fourth Wall = Smashy, smashy.) 

Looking at spring dresses on Pinterest/ 

giphy (6)

Except I don’t have any money and I spend most of my time in oversized sweaters and slippers. 

Buying Books. 

giphy (7)

Ya had to know this one was coming! I just can’t seem to stop myself.