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I’ve never been the kind of person to shirk a vice. I don’t go on diets and I read books far past my bedtime. There have definitely been points in my life when I’ve stayed out too late drinking and ate too much cake, but I’ve long-since learned the vices I can–and should indulge from time to time and the ones I shouldn’t. Here are some of my top indulgences!


Dancing in Front of the Mirror

This is so silly, but I love doing it so much. Sometimes, if I’m having an afternoon slump, I can get a great burst of energy from tossing on some Disney tunes or my favorite Broadway show! It’s so much fun to wiggle around a bit and it boosts both my confidence and my focus. Still, I’ve had just about everyone in my family walk in on some pretty funny moments.


Baking a Cake

I don’t even really want to eat the cake, but I love to bake it. I’ve written in the past about how baking is a creative outlet for me that’s different but just as satisfying as writing. Baking for me is a fun and different way to use my mind and creativity, but it’s also expensive, time-consuming and, ultimately, I end up with a big old cake in my house. That’s why I try to indulge in this vice sparingly!

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Snacking at Night

I want to blame my boyfriend for this one, but we’re equally at fault. I know late night snacking the death of any summer fitness regime, but I just love crunchy deliciousness and Brooklyn Nine-Nine late at night. We’re making some big changes right now and I know that phasing this out should probably be one of them.

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Binging Audiobooks

It doesn’t sound bad, I know, and for the most part, it isn’t. The problem arises when I have a ton of other stuff to do and instead I go for a two-hour walk or clean a room that really doesn’t need cleaning, just to listen to the next chapter. It’s not my fault! I have to know!

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Putting Stuff in Shopping Carts

I’m upset! One of my favorite inexpensive clothing websites just changed the formatting and now I can’t click through pages and heart everything I love! I never plan to buy any of it — especially not all of it! — but it’s still super fun to pretend and pick out cute outfits. The trick is not getting sucked in and accidentally doing it for three hours….

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All pretty benign! Like I said, I’ve had points in my life where I’ve definitely indulged too much and I’ve learned some valuable lessons. For now, if the worst thing I’m doing is exercising and reading too much, I’ll take it! Oh, and bonus — I definitely stay up past my bedtime to read!

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