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Halloween is the best holiday. Hands down, no argument. La la la la la, I can’t hear you! Halloween has a long tradition in my house and each year the fun, creativity and festivities grow even larger and louder.

Though I come from a hybrid of parental religions, I was raised without one– and so I celebrate the Jewish and Christian holidays as an agnostic, appreciate the cultural and historic background and the cozy up with a boozy hot chocolate, without embracing the religious elements. I enjoy Fourth of July– who doesn’t like a good barbeque and fireworks, and every year my dad gives my mom a truly remarkable Valentine on Valentine’s Day, so that holds a special place in my heart as well. But Halloween is the best.

IMG_9409I mean, come on, I’m a writer.

Halloween doesn’t just make it socially acceptable to eat my own weight in candy and drink bloody brain-colored vodka shots. It gives me a forum to stretch my creative muscles and create and design costume ideas from some of my favorite characters. As someone who has dedicated her life to creating characters, Halloween is hands down the very best. 

IMG_5337For example– Last year, my boyfriend and I dominated two Halloween parties– one dressed as a wolf and fox Beanie Baby, complete with the TY tags, and the other as a Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd from the musical of the same name. The year before, we did a Disney couples costume as Hercules and Pegasus, just to switch things up a bit.

I love dressing up. I love it, I love it, I love it. I’ve been Amelia Earhart, Betty Boop, Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel– complete with frying pan– Karen Smith from Mean Girls and, along with four other friends, the Fanta Girls, as well as so many other costumes for and outside of Halloween.

Because, at the end of the day, Halloween was made for us creative types to go to town without judgement. We can go scary, sexy, funny or a combination of all three. We don’t have to answer to anyone about our tastes or interests or what we want to be, not on Halloween.

Dressing up and eating all the candy I want– no other holiday can compare. ♦