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Ha! You’re totally going to have this song stuck in your head forever now! (Okay, but so am I, so I definitely apologize for that…) As a Human Person With a Younger Brother™, this song holds a special significance to me. But when it comes to weird, unhelpful or generally unusual talents, let’s see if you’ve got me beat.


I Can Roll My Eyes

Not just in a daddy, I want the pink Razor, kind of way, but in the my eyeballs are too big for my face and literally roll in circles kind way. My dad’s do too, actually. It’s a great trick for freaking out little kids.


I’m a Tie-Dye Queen

You can’t spend several summers as an arts and crafts camp counselor and not be an expert at the bulls-eye. Tie-dye has been many a gift for many a friend.

giphy (1)

And Friendship-Bracelet Making Expert

Can I knit? No. Can I sew? A button, maybe, but I wouldn’t bet your life on it. But when it comes to a stack of embroidery floss and my raging carpal tunnel syndrome, I’m a greyhound at the races. I’ve made friendship bracelets with words, patterns, even a bookmark with the Gryffindor crest. It has literally no place in my Adult Human life, but it is a great relaxation technique. (Until you miss a stitch and have to pull a whole row out with a thumbtack.)

giphy (2)

I Got Your Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress

Ya want the good old-fashioned nerd alert? I worked in libraries for eight years. For three and a half of those years, I was also working in a museum. Double nerd alert! One library was the Dewey Decimal system and the other was the Library of Congress system. Dewey all the way, baby, Dewey all the way.

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I Can Cartwheel!

I’m pleased with this because I can still cartwheel. I learned how to cartwheel when I was much smaller and hitting the ground facefirst was funny and not a hey, how’s that health insurance moment. But! I can still get both legs up! For now.

giphy (4)

I Know a Lot About Pirates

There’s nothing hidden here. I like the history of pirates so I read a lot about it. And I expect other people to be equally as interested in pirates so I share pirate information. They usually aren’t. That usually doesn’t stop me.

giphy (5)

So, there ya have it, a good collection of the odd habits, tricks, and skills I’ve picked up over the years. I didn’t expect this list to say quite as much about me as it does, but I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked (by myself) right now. Regardless, if you think you can do me one better, I’ll race you to the finish line of a chevron bracelet right here and right now. (Seriously though, share your pirate facts. I love pirates.) ♦

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