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We’re inundated with ads, lists and articles telling us what to buy, how to dress, the best ways to shop healthy, budget-friendly and effectively and all the rest, and it can be exhausting. As businesses, however, most companies become easier to tune out or seek out when I want their information, but when it comes to promoting something that is both a product and you, it gets a little trickier.

When we promote our art, our books, our articles, our short stories, we have to walk that fine line between sharing a little part of ourselves and also showing the world what we have created in a way that excites people and makes them want to buy, borrow, read and share. In the modern day, traditional media and marketing are no longer effective and it’s up to us as authors to find the right balance.

Which is really hard.


When I post across my social media platforms, I pay special attention to the way authors I like post across theirs. We cannot shy completely away from sharing our links, teasers, and covers, but we if we do so all the time then our followers will ultimately leave. I know I would. I don’t like being screamed at all the time about products–even if they’re products I’d probably love.

I’m not saying my way is perfect, but I strive to cover three major bases when I share content across my media and my newsletter.

curtains-1854110__340I showcase my books and social platforms–usually with images, GIFs, and freebies. The truth is my audience wants these products and they should have easy access to them. I also try to make the moment feel real–my genuine excitement about a new release, the reasons why I wrote certain characters, etc.

I share interactive content that fits my brand, questions, games, galleries people can vote on. These sort of thing promote engagement, allow me to get to know my audience as individuals and show that I’m right there with you!

I open myself up. Now, this may be the hardest part of the whole thing. I’m a genuinely open person, but there are still parts of everyone’s life that remain their own. Finding that way to share details and memories and experiences that show your audience you as a person, without opening the curtain all the way is genuinely difficult and I know I still stumble. For now, I share things I’m excited about, my new garden, books I’m reading, family visits, but I also don’t shy away from political discussions either. That’s a choice every author has to make for themselves.


In person, I’m awful at touting my books. I love talking about current projects and tend to get animated and excited, but I’ll only mumble if you ask me where to find them. I think it’s part of being a woman (we’re taught not to boast about or take pride in our accomplishments) and I think part of it is that I just haven’t found the right way. If you can think of one, share the secret, because dang, I’d love to know.

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