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We live in incredible times. To think that in less than one hundred years, we’ve developed life-saving vaccines, perfected the automobile and created an international web that connects countries, businesses, social and academic institutions in the blink of an eye is to realize how capable humanity truly is. In my pocket, I carry a camera, a newspaper, and access to all of humanity’s information. It truly is, staggering. 

To imagine what might come next is impossible. There really was no way to predict the internet, the cell phone, or the autonomous car. But, as a writer, here’s a few inventions I wish I had at my fingertips–just to make the job a little easier. 


Time Stop 

Ever wish there were more hours in the day? We all do! Give me some variant of a Time-Turner or power to pause the clock–then I could read and finish my next draft!


The Bubble

Sometimes the hardest part of being a writer is tuning out the world around you. I’d love to create a product that insulates me from the world outside and makes distractions less interesting. 

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The Babblefish

I can’t take credit for this one, but my partner’s thinking is right on track. Imagine if we could understand and translate every language in the world without problem. International communication would be very different. 

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IRL Word Check 

For someone who spends most of her time writing, I still struggle with spelling, pronunciation and, on occasion, definition. (Honestly, we all do!) I’d love to get a subtle little buzz, so I don’t keep repeating the word “ha-r-bring-er” instead of “harbinger.” 

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A Rememberer

Listen, just because I haven’t learned in years of saying ‘I’ll remember it in the morning’ doesn’t mean I should be punished for coming up with my best ideas before I fall asleep. All I’m asking for a little bit of magic. 

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Life as a writer, especially a writer in the age of technology, access, and information, is fun. Even without the sparkly inventions. 

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