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Okay, I know we lost an hour, but it didn’t fit the song. I will say, my determination to beat the daylight savings time blues meant that I actually got up a lot earlier than usual, made it to the gym and got two articles written before eleven am. I consider this a great success.

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Do I love daylight savings? I certainly don’t appreciate an extra wrench in the works when it comes to going to bed earlier, which my partner and I have been trying, rather unsuccessfully to do, but I will say that there’s nothing quite like that late evening sunlight which tells us that even though it’s not quite warm out, spring is still on the way. My little wildflowers straining toward the window seem to think so. 

As it stands, I could take or leave the spring forward situation, but don’t you dare try to pull that extra hour of fall sleep away from me. The dark days of late autumn are difficult enough to reconcile without having to lose that precious extra hour. And since time is really just a construct anyway, I don’t see why we need to worry overmuch about me staying cozy in bed with my cute cat and cute boyfriend when the opportunity presents itself. 

Honestly, I think the whole thing comes down to mindset. It was a very productive weekend, both workwise and homewise. I did some early spring planting and pruning, we did laundry and cleaned (which we’ve been doing a lot of with the virus, since my partner works in a hotel), and I marked several things off the to-do list. All of that put me into the headspace of wanting to get more done, so when my alarm went off this morning and it was still dark out, I didn’t linger in bed overlong, I got on my gym clothes and I did the thing. 

daylight-saving-time-3382879_1920When we have to self-discipline, through work or school or writing, motivation can feel like a zero-sum game. If you missed one deadline or you didn’t complete the task, why even bother with the rest?

It’s not true, of course, but it can certainly feel like that. On the flip side of things, when we are productive, when we do beat the dark morning sky and we do get to the gym and we do write and we do mark things off the to-do list, we can feel powerful and capable, and ready to take on the next challenge. No matter how dark it is outside. 

To spring forward, I say, bring it on. 

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