Keeping a Straight Face

Witty remarks at the dinner tables and goofing off with my boyfriend aside, there’s one thing that will make me laugh without fail, every single time. Sexy audiobooks.

Seven Guilty Pleasures – A Writer’s Daily To-Do List

Here are a few of my favorite ways to muck off, when I should be writing. [An MFRW Author Post!]

Working Title [An #MFRW Post]

When it comes to titles, I am all or none. Some days, the blessed title deities generously bequeath the perfect name for my current work in progress, simply out of the kindness of their hearts. Other days, the well runs dry, the ground cracks below my feet, and I beg for the simplest drop of inspiration, but none is to be found.

Murder, Thieves and Unresolved Sexual Tension [An MFRW Post]

There’s fantastic jazz music, the early women’s lib movement, and two main characters that could turn a morgue into a boudoir with a naughty wink and a pair of handcuffs.